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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Universe Always Provides

My apologies -

I haven't written on my blog too much.  I seem to find other people quite interesting. I don't believe I am that interesting to post as much as I should or really do anything as much as I should.  I am learning too, you see.  But, that is not the lesson in this experience. Although I'd like everyone or anyone to observe the experience I had from their own perspective (meditation really does help!), it  doesn't tarnish the adventure...it only shines it brighter.  Enjoy!

I recently went to a pow wow.  This area was a bit rural and remote so one of the other women I shared the event with didn't think it would be difficult to find a room in town.  Well, we were ready to head out the first day and so the one woman started calling a list of hotels.  Each one, same..."sorry, we are booked and have nothing available."  Over and over with one place having one room for a price that I thought was a bit more than was worth to spend. 

Our neighbor on the one side of us approached and asked us if she and her companion could help.  We politely said, "No, we'll figure something out..."

She approached us again and said that the promoters were feeding all who were part of the pow wow and we were welcome.  I wasn't that hungry or so I thought until I saw the spread that was laid before me. 

We decided to camp at our site for the evening.  The neighbor offered us an air mattress.  There were three of us and fitting us all would take some creative thinking and we were willing to do that.  Just as we were thinking, our neighbor approached and said that "Badger" had an extra tent and would loan it to us!  Wow! Then he offered another air mattress that he had!  The darker the evening got underneath that open sky, the better things were looking.

The tent was a two room tent. There was ample room for all of us.  My roomies and I spent the night giggling sharing and listening to the sound of the train going by.  I found out the train seems to go by every 15 minutes during the middle of the night there. All night long you could hear the sound of "chug a chugah chug" and the chirping of a very large cricket right outside the tent.  But, it was heaven.  The alternative would have been completely necessary because we had no other option.  Here it turned out the option we had was the best!

The other two women who were with me decided to stay another day.  I was anxious to get back to my online shops.

It was so much fun to see everyone after the long winter months! Made some new friends and saw old and new family members. My circle of family is constantly growing at every pow wow it seems! 

May the circle never be broken till we are all one with the Creator -