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Sunday, August 21, 2011

This Magic Moment

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I recently was called away to a state that is full of history, both contemporary and ancient on the east coast.  About 5 1/2 hour drive along with another 2 hour drive in the am after driving all night, my destination was Virginia.

Virginia has many places that are downright "otherworldly".  Still some beautiful farmlands and hills ripple across the landscape. That coupled with its more "woodsy forest" areas makes it seem enchanted.

During this time, my daughter took me to this eclectic, artsy community by University of Virginia in Charlottesville.  We had so much fun wandering around this entertwining brick walkway layout amongst some pretty fantastic shops!  I was totally unprepared for this gemstone of treasures!  Street musicians and street vendors pave the lil shops ranging from gallery artwork to wild and funky memorabilia to antique dealers.  My daughter and I passed quite a few street musicians when one in particular caught my attention.

He was a young man perhaps in his twenties and although his cases were open showing two very old, but well kept violins, he wasn't playing. just sitting in the doorway with his angelic long blonde hair and scrufty grunge style clothing.  He looked up, but he didn't jump up to play in anticipation of a monetary reward.

I asked him, "Do you play pretty good fiddle?"

He shrugged and with a shy smile, he said, "I'm alright."

I gestured to the cases and said, "I am going out to dinner now.  When I come back pass this way, I want you to play for me. Alright?"

The lad gestured and nodded and we continued on to dinner.

We noticed how many homeless people there were along the walkway.  It literally seemed there was one or two every twenty feet along.  This area is probably a pretty safe area to panhandle as many people are walking back and forth through this more affluent college catering area, but just the idea that we aren't getting smaller.  The homeless population is getting larger. 

After having some Miso soup and a chicken kabob appetizer, we decided it was time to go and started back through the stone streets.  I insisted on keeping my word and finding the young man that owed me a tune. We came once again upon the fiddler sitting next to his doorway having a coke in an outdoor cafe.  He noticed me at the same time I noticed him.  I pointed to his cases.

"Its time for fiddlin', I said to him as he started to stand up.

He asked me what I wanted to hear and I told him whatever he felt like playing.  It was a sad and melancholy tune he chose to play that reminded me of a sea of emotions that spoke of his life.  Then the magic moment ended.  He stopped.  I clapped and handed him a small sum hardly worth mentioning compared to the moment shared.  He pushed my hand away and I insisted pushing it into his dirty hand.  He smiled and thanked me.  My daughter and I headed to her car. It was a magical moment.

As we were walking along I told my daughter, "sometimes its the smallest of things that bring the biggest rewards.  Did you see him smile?"

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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Good Vibrations

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You ever feel "vibes"?  You know that feeling that is indescribable, can be brought on by another, can create bad and good fortunes and can deplete or regenerate energy?

This is myself wiring the Nature Le Faire Pendant
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There are all types of energy fields around us.  Some benevolent, some malicious.  Most have fun at our expense for good or bad.  Energy never dies...the spirit never dies...the soul is a harbinger for the directive of the flesh.  What oversees all of this activity even in "stillness"?  None other than the mind.  The mind is a shadow that we know exists, but we do not know where and we do not know how.  Nor do we know where, but we do know when someone has lost their mind.  We also make many powerful suggestions to the mind without even knowing it.

Many have thought to study the mind, the actual "Holy Grail" that we seek.  For there is the imagined and the surreal.  In the mind, we can create what we perceive by the vehicle of imagining it.  Imagine yourself successful!  Yes, you can!  This is an exercise that gives energy a "boost".  You may find your creativity soars once you get this practice of "seeing" through the eyes of imagination!  Doors and windows of opportunity can be felt around one who sees themselves and any setbacks as a passage to opportunity instead of a gate locked to them.

In the Agnostic text, Mary tells Peter that Jesus told her the mind is the treasure chest...Wouldn't you agree?

Often times the gate that holds one back is an ethereal projection or "fingerprint" left behind by some experience that was not so pleasant. You should learn from your experiences, true.  Not with fear, but with wisdom. Solomon was most beloved because out of all that he was granted,  wisdom was what he sought for the most. 

In our day and age, wisdom is not being sought after enough.  Much of us go through our lives as if all is futile and we continue to imagine a world of doom and gloom with no hope.  Today, I'd like to plant a seed of hope in this blog.  Dare to imagine success! 

"Change your mind, your behavior will surely follow..." Rainbow Skyhawk

 Nature Le Faire pendant complete!  Aventurine and jasper interwoven with copper and silver. Beautifully organic! Aventurine is a money and heart stone.  Thought to bring fortune through having right emotions and balances the heart chakra.  Copper is one of the most precious conduit metals.  Perhaps you could use a little heartfelt healing to remove your blockages that impeded success?  This lil talisman will certainly assist!

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Friday, August 5, 2011

Call all Internet Resources!

This ring is currently unadvertised except here and available, please email for how to order.

Please help! I am trying to get together with my followers old and new to cross network resources for internet marketing and sales.  If you would be kind enough to post a resource from time to time that would be good karma for everybody and who doesn't want to *feel* good?

Many metaphysician principles are based on spirit working on the wave of our emotions to manifest what we bring forth.  It has been proven that we humans actually tend to feel good when we help one another.  When we experience wellness, we are healing!  When we are healing, we are sending out postive vibes throughout the universe co-creating positive energy in our own lives and the lives of those we touch.  You ever just do something nice, with no real expectation of reward and experience many blessings that you could only attribute to that "act of kindness"? If you perceive goodness, you will receive goodness, if you perceive plenty, you will receive plenty. 

Here is your chance to help one another to succeed and I am asking for contributors!  If you'd like to write a metaphysical or holistic article on this blog, that would be equally wonderful. 

Many blessings,


I do not belong to all the resources I show here, this is not to be confused with an endorsement, always investigate further before signing up for anything at your own risk.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

I recently made this

It sold while I was wearing it and never made it to any internet shops...sigh!
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Friday, July 22, 2011

Hearts and Thoughts


Tribute to Etsy Chatroom..love you guys!  Will miss everyone of you in etsy chat! Next week will get back to what this blog is suppose to be about. Just a sad week as one thing ends...But rest assured something else new will begin!

P.S. Interesting information regarding Etsy...



Monday, July 18, 2011


Etsy has announced that their "chat" option will end for all of us on Friday of this week, July 22 at 5pm which will probably be eastern as Etsy headquarters is in NY.

If you're being run out of town, get in front of the crowd and make it look like a parade. ~Author Unknown

Please keep in contact, I've marked most of my fellow chatterers as favs.  Everyone is talking about joining different chat options.  I am too stunned right now to decide on even one.

:::::Kicking dirt over campfire::::dropping tobacco::::thanking the Spirit for the good fortune to have met my fellow chatroom conspirators...be well


Copper is the New Elegance Metal

Thank you to my followers who have the patience to put up with my inconsistent blog posts.  It takes me awhile to come up with something I think would be both a bridge to my more spiritual side and my more ascetic jewelry making and wire wrapping.
For awhile, I was making some lil cha chi's (is that the way you spell that?) and still enjoy doing so.  Something in me was missing something though...the ability to work with real metal is just a wonderful sensation to the fingers and hands.  Its like being a sculptor with metal wire as your clay to mold into something so unique and so inspiring that it delights another.  What other occupation could anyone wish for than to be delighted in another either by work or deed?
I dug out my old wire which is mostly copper because when an idea comes to me, I like to do them in copper first.  Suddenly it occured to me just how beautiful a metal copper truly is!  From that moment I didn't think, I was in the zone and for good or bad the labryinth took my hands blindly, to make this.

I love it!  I cannot possibly lay claim to making such a piece as this!
I have made a similar set in silver which I am waiting to do photos to post.  If you like this design, please visit www.skyhawkdesigns.etsy.com/shop

Besides copper being thought of as the less "classy" or "sophisticated" of the metals, copper has many healing properties that the other metals do not have.  For instance, copper bracelets are big sellers in the belief that copper actually lessens the pain of arthritis!  Copper has been used since the early Egyptians for decorations and jewelry (not everyone could afford gold even back then I guess). 

On another note, the etsy chat room is closing.  The picketers have gone home just about defeated from their efforts.  Right as of this moment, chat is still a functioning part of the Etsy community even though administration  admits they've pretty much made up their minds and it will close. No final date just it "will" close you impudent lil liberals! LOL
There are many threads in the forums that are posting with regards to this marketing snafu.  I call it a snafu because I see the exodus to a site called, Zibbet in droves.  I just yesterday signed up and will investigate more later.  I haven't had time to even upload any photos yet.  But, eventually the chatters will migrate there because they have found a "Kinship".  They may keep their Etsy shops or not.  I for one, will keep my Etsy shop and have no immediate plans on closing it.  However, I cannot imagine how this is SEO friendly.  Etsy has relied on their unique qualities from which most internet selling sites have used as a model to springboard them to become Etsy's competition.  Lets not lose sight of the idea that Etsy's success relies on listing and relisting and very little with our actual sales as it should be.  If that chunk of mostly sellers were to leave, Etsy would have to say "ouch" to that one.  So for now, it seems the chatroom still exists.  One of the reasons given was it doesn't get used enough to warrant the resources it uses...go there, check it out, before you leave, you'll get it.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Wednesday is Turquoise Day!

Wednesday is turquoise day.  Beautiful turquoise can be found in Iran, Afghanistan, Australia, Tibet and the southwestern United States. 

Turquoise is a copper aluminum phosphate mineral.  The beautiful blue hue is caused by the introduction of copper metal and the interesting, intriguing green color is from iron deposits. 
The name turquoise comes from the French, "pierre turquoise" which means "Turkish Stone". 

Turquoise is one of the longest used gemstones in history for adornment.  In both Hindu and Persian beliefs, the turquoise was a new moon symbol and would lead to good fortune and protection from evil or harm.  Native Americans had some of their beliefs of good fortune or protection from the properties of this gem.

Metaphysical Properties:
Wisdom, Experience, Spiritual Protection, Compassion, Forgiveness, Kindness, Love, Happiness, Brings about what one most wishes for

Holistic Properties:
Helps to oxygenate the blood and increase the amount of "prana" in the physical body.

Throat (5th)

The Book of Stones
Robert Simmons & Naisha Ahsian
published by:  Heaven & Earth Publishing LLC

These are a few of the turquoise pieces I have in my shop at www.etsy.com/skyhawkdesigns

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

One Day Sale Event

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Happy Graduation Zach! Lets celebrate!

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Sunday, June 19, 2011


My son is graduating High School tomorrow and I am in such a reflective mood. I remember so clearly what a precocious little guy he was when he was so small. I use to call him my smurf as he'd run as if the wind gave him wings and he could fly or he already was and no one else could tell.
I see the young man that he's becoming and how difficult it was to transition for him. I would tuck both my daughter and son in at bedtime. My son and I would do our rendition of the movie, The Last Emperor where he would say to me, his mom, "You are my butterfly". I recall pointing up to the sky at bedtime when the stars were all out and finding the north star. I would tell him that no matter what, that was our star and no matter where we were if we looked for that star we'd be together.
We had some very difficult times indeed. The adolescent years of teenage angst. After awhile came girls and trends and of course, "can you loan me some money?"
Tomorrow though I'll look at him as the man he is and not the boy he was. Tomorrow is his day and he earned it. I will always have those memories no matter how distant they are in time, in my heart they are a stones throw away. But, tomorrow I will say good bye to my little man and hello to my forever son.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Wise Woman Speaks: Insomnia and Creativity

Insomnia and Creativity

Just a little something I made while I was nursing an energy surge during insomnia... I think its funny! Hope you do too! Write more later. Have a blessed day!


Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Mystery and History

I have been a life coach since about 2007 and have always enjoyed the interaction of energies.  I also am aware that during that time, I am being given the honor of utmost trust with some of my clients deepest suppressed desires and fears about getting on with their life in a new direction or more fulfilling one.

I started to do workshops by request and found that I enjoyed them even more than one on one consulting!  To be in front of a group that has a shared experience of wanting to reach their goals by enriching their spirit is so wonderful to see!  I am almost embarrassed to admit sometimes I'm not quite sure how I'll proceed till I myself assess the energy the creator has given to work with.

So I have a decision to make.  I have been requested to meet to do some spiritual work on the 17th of this month.  It will be quite extensive and there was some concern if I'd be up to it. This healing circle will take place for approximately 12 hours.  I believe it to be from dawn to dusk. 

Since I can't seem to make up my mind...Here is an idea I have.  This will be held on sacred tribal land and I won't disclose the location.  It is not relevant.  However, if you'd like me to send a prayer on your behalf, please write to me.  Should I receive enough requests, I will lay a stone on the sacred altar with all the names of the responders to this blog.  Ok, lets see what happens! Do we have "group" energy?

Sending smoke signals of blessings -


Sunday, June 5, 2011


A beautiful day to you!

This kind of dovetails with my "Universe Provides" theme.  I couldn't help, but write about it since I often struggle with just what to tell.  But, this you will find amusing as I did.
Sitting in my workshop and trying to get something accomplished today was quite a struggle.  When I finally got to where I could focus without distraction, I noticed that I missed playing music while I worked.  My stereo hasn't been hooked up since I moved in and I was wishing it was.
Anyhooo...just as I was looking around to see what I could do about my music dilemma, I heard outside my door..."testing...testing" from a microphone.
My neighbors had a party and a live band and I got tons of music.The very type of  music that I would have listened to. This happened without any effort on my part whatsoever other than a wish!  Who says there is no "magic"?

The universe is so unpredictable, but it always responds some way. This was a delight and I was like a child of wonder. I wondered what would have happened if I asked, "I wonder where the winning lottery ticket is...?"

The Stone of The Week
I decided to pick a different stone every week and describe it for its metaphysical and / or holistic practices.  Being metaphysical, lets just go where the road leads us. However, I'd like to start with the energy "chakras" or centers that reside inside of us at every moment...keeping our lil flesh and bone machines running!

The First Stone:

Rubies are rare and precious gems.  They rule the month of July and control the first chakra or energy center.  These energies spiral continually like lil springs that pump as they spiral.  This is also depicted as "giving off a vibe".  The ruby is by far one of the most coveted of stones.  Lets find out why:

Rubies are mined in and outside the US.  Matter of fact their key element is "earth".  Garnets were at one time also considered a ruby.  A rubies crystal system is considered hexagonal and has many varied forms.
Rubies have a vibrancy that is breathtaking.  They are very powerful for stimulation of the root chakra, first chakra or first energy center.   A good stone for passion and agility.  They empower the wearer with regards to self esteem and confidence.  They are great gemstones for anxiety and empowerment.  They can also be a catalyst for kundalini energy.

cited from: The Book of Stones
Authors:  Robert Simmons & Naisha Ahsian
Published by:  Heaven & Earth Publishing LLC
Copyright:  2005, 2007 by Robert Simmons

 Quote for the day -
Do not allow anger to poison you.Origin: Hopi
Ruby Tuesday Earrings

Many blessings to you -

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Universe Always Provides

My apologies -

I haven't written on my blog too much.  I seem to find other people quite interesting. I don't believe I am that interesting to post as much as I should or really do anything as much as I should.  I am learning too, you see.  But, that is not the lesson in this experience. Although I'd like everyone or anyone to observe the experience I had from their own perspective (meditation really does help!), it  doesn't tarnish the adventure...it only shines it brighter.  Enjoy!

I recently went to a pow wow.  This area was a bit rural and remote so one of the other women I shared the event with didn't think it would be difficult to find a room in town.  Well, we were ready to head out the first day and so the one woman started calling a list of hotels.  Each one, same..."sorry, we are booked and have nothing available."  Over and over with one place having one room for a price that I thought was a bit more than was worth to spend. 

Our neighbor on the one side of us approached and asked us if she and her companion could help.  We politely said, "No, we'll figure something out..."

She approached us again and said that the promoters were feeding all who were part of the pow wow and we were welcome.  I wasn't that hungry or so I thought until I saw the spread that was laid before me. 

We decided to camp at our site for the evening.  The neighbor offered us an air mattress.  There were three of us and fitting us all would take some creative thinking and we were willing to do that.  Just as we were thinking, our neighbor approached and said that "Badger" had an extra tent and would loan it to us!  Wow! Then he offered another air mattress that he had!  The darker the evening got underneath that open sky, the better things were looking.

The tent was a two room tent. There was ample room for all of us.  My roomies and I spent the night giggling sharing and listening to the sound of the train going by.  I found out the train seems to go by every 15 minutes during the middle of the night there. All night long you could hear the sound of "chug a chugah chug" and the chirping of a very large cricket right outside the tent.  But, it was heaven.  The alternative would have been completely necessary because we had no other option.  Here it turned out the option we had was the best!

The other two women who were with me decided to stay another day.  I was anxious to get back to my online shops.

It was so much fun to see everyone after the long winter months! Made some new friends and saw old and new family members. My circle of family is constantly growing at every pow wow it seems! 

May the circle never be broken till we are all one with the Creator -



Saturday, April 30, 2011

Holistic Life Coaching - Start From Within

Skyhawk Designs is a division of Follow Your Bliss LLC and its jewelry division.  Follow Your Bliss is a holistic life coaching company basing philosophy on spiritual healing as a way to success.

Start from within...

There are so many times I've attempted to do something.  Oh, I wanted to do something wonderful and unique!  I didn't need a plan...it was all in my head what I needed to do.  I love to write, but more creative and expansive writing than a list of what to do to do what you want.  I thought it would be easy to be a life coach and even easier to own your own business.  Here are a few things I learned from my experiences.

I went back to school to learn what the essence or brain of what I wanted to do was like and to have enough of a broad reference to be able to assist in my becoming.  I hadn't yet thought of what I'd become, but I knew I was on a journey.  Being native american brought alot of spirituality to my goals.  I could not ignore them and I knew I needed to express and share what I've learned.

Subsequently, I started my business in 2007, Follow Your Bliss LLC. This is primarily a life coaching business. In 2010, I opened a division called "Skyhawk Designs" after my native name that I had acquired between these years.  I am native american of Lenne' Lenape' ancestry. Skyhawk Designs is a jewelry website that sells on etsy

When I first started out, I didn't have a real plan or what I should do.  Something was driving me and it was from a very irrational place inside of me.  This is the place that finds joy or sorrow...a place where my feelings dwell.  In that place sat my emotions, my spirit, my soul and my mind all deliberating a plan.  Even though my logical brain knew I didn't have one.

More than anything I felt that my own belief system in what I did for clients had to be experienced more directly.  I often used gemstone healing in my practice and meditations. I started out with a product called "bliss sticks" aromatherapy gemstone candles.  (http://www.followyourblissnj.com/)

I put out to the universe what I wanted to accomplish and started out finding others that supported that dream.  It didn't seem too terribly difficult after I started putting one foot in front of the other.  I met fantastic people.  Some business owners that gave me valuable lessons will never be forgotten. 

The first valuable lesson I learned was-

  • Be flexible Do not start believeing you know what to do because you don't. 
I thought that gemstone candles were unique!  I also convinced myself that no one has ever thought of it with chakra descriptions, healing info and soy based, dye free!  What I didn't think of was what if none of those things were the most important thing about your product?  If you are only trying to appeal to yourself, then fine.  If you are trying to appeal to others, listen and try to pick up on vibes in the field of what you do.  What does it say about yourself if you have the ability to craft, but not the ears to listen to others?  To me, crafting is a spiritual exercise - the universe speaks beautiful thoughts.  Know your audience so they can listen with you.

I made some sales with the candles.  I did not make enough sales to quit my day job and was carrying alot of heavy candles to shows to sell maybe 4 or 5 which did not cover the cost of the show most times.

I realized after spending money on supplies that I needed to "unlimit" myself and increase my potential.  I recalled that I always wanted to learn how to wire wrap gemstones too.  With that came my etsy shop.


I realized that to be a good life coach, I also needed to be an entrepreneur to talk the language one speaks.  I now do workshops by request and design and make jewelry. 

I find working with gemstones is quite meditative for me.  I often have an idea in my head and once I finish, it has become its own entity which is one of the things I enjoy about wire wrapping. 

So often times it happens that we live our lives in chains
And we never even know we have the key.
Lyrics from Already Gone, peformed by the Eagles for their 1974 On the Border album

Free your mind and your potential is limitless
-Skyhawk Designs

Please stop by and visit my etsy shop - Let me know how you feel.  If you have any life coaching questions, please respond to blog.