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Sunday, July 24, 2011

I recently made this

It sold while I was wearing it and never made it to any internet shops...sigh!
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Friday, July 22, 2011

Hearts and Thoughts


Tribute to Etsy Chatroom..love you guys!  Will miss everyone of you in etsy chat! Next week will get back to what this blog is suppose to be about. Just a sad week as one thing ends...But rest assured something else new will begin!

P.S. Interesting information regarding Etsy...



Monday, July 18, 2011


Etsy has announced that their "chat" option will end for all of us on Friday of this week, July 22 at 5pm which will probably be eastern as Etsy headquarters is in NY.

If you're being run out of town, get in front of the crowd and make it look like a parade. ~Author Unknown

Please keep in contact, I've marked most of my fellow chatterers as favs.  Everyone is talking about joining different chat options.  I am too stunned right now to decide on even one.

:::::Kicking dirt over campfire::::dropping tobacco::::thanking the Spirit for the good fortune to have met my fellow chatroom conspirators...be well


Copper is the New Elegance Metal

Thank you to my followers who have the patience to put up with my inconsistent blog posts.  It takes me awhile to come up with something I think would be both a bridge to my more spiritual side and my more ascetic jewelry making and wire wrapping.
For awhile, I was making some lil cha chi's (is that the way you spell that?) and still enjoy doing so.  Something in me was missing something though...the ability to work with real metal is just a wonderful sensation to the fingers and hands.  Its like being a sculptor with metal wire as your clay to mold into something so unique and so inspiring that it delights another.  What other occupation could anyone wish for than to be delighted in another either by work or deed?
I dug out my old wire which is mostly copper because when an idea comes to me, I like to do them in copper first.  Suddenly it occured to me just how beautiful a metal copper truly is!  From that moment I didn't think, I was in the zone and for good or bad the labryinth took my hands blindly, to make this.

I love it!  I cannot possibly lay claim to making such a piece as this!
I have made a similar set in silver which I am waiting to do photos to post.  If you like this design, please visit www.skyhawkdesigns.etsy.com/shop

Besides copper being thought of as the less "classy" or "sophisticated" of the metals, copper has many healing properties that the other metals do not have.  For instance, copper bracelets are big sellers in the belief that copper actually lessens the pain of arthritis!  Copper has been used since the early Egyptians for decorations and jewelry (not everyone could afford gold even back then I guess). 

On another note, the etsy chat room is closing.  The picketers have gone home just about defeated from their efforts.  Right as of this moment, chat is still a functioning part of the Etsy community even though administration  admits they've pretty much made up their minds and it will close. No final date just it "will" close you impudent lil liberals! LOL
There are many threads in the forums that are posting with regards to this marketing snafu.  I call it a snafu because I see the exodus to a site called, Zibbet in droves.  I just yesterday signed up and will investigate more later.  I haven't had time to even upload any photos yet.  But, eventually the chatters will migrate there because they have found a "Kinship".  They may keep their Etsy shops or not.  I for one, will keep my Etsy shop and have no immediate plans on closing it.  However, I cannot imagine how this is SEO friendly.  Etsy has relied on their unique qualities from which most internet selling sites have used as a model to springboard them to become Etsy's competition.  Lets not lose sight of the idea that Etsy's success relies on listing and relisting and very little with our actual sales as it should be.  If that chunk of mostly sellers were to leave, Etsy would have to say "ouch" to that one.  So for now, it seems the chatroom still exists.  One of the reasons given was it doesn't get used enough to warrant the resources it uses...go there, check it out, before you leave, you'll get it.