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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Good Vibrations

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You ever feel "vibes"?  You know that feeling that is indescribable, can be brought on by another, can create bad and good fortunes and can deplete or regenerate energy?

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There are all types of energy fields around us.  Some benevolent, some malicious.  Most have fun at our expense for good or bad.  Energy never dies...the spirit never dies...the soul is a harbinger for the directive of the flesh.  What oversees all of this activity even in "stillness"?  None other than the mind.  The mind is a shadow that we know exists, but we do not know where and we do not know how.  Nor do we know where, but we do know when someone has lost their mind.  We also make many powerful suggestions to the mind without even knowing it.

Many have thought to study the mind, the actual "Holy Grail" that we seek.  For there is the imagined and the surreal.  In the mind, we can create what we perceive by the vehicle of imagining it.  Imagine yourself successful!  Yes, you can!  This is an exercise that gives energy a "boost".  You may find your creativity soars once you get this practice of "seeing" through the eyes of imagination!  Doors and windows of opportunity can be felt around one who sees themselves and any setbacks as a passage to opportunity instead of a gate locked to them.

In the Agnostic text, Mary tells Peter that Jesus told her the mind is the treasure chest...Wouldn't you agree?

Often times the gate that holds one back is an ethereal projection or "fingerprint" left behind by some experience that was not so pleasant. You should learn from your experiences, true.  Not with fear, but with wisdom. Solomon was most beloved because out of all that he was granted,  wisdom was what he sought for the most. 

In our day and age, wisdom is not being sought after enough.  Much of us go through our lives as if all is futile and we continue to imagine a world of doom and gloom with no hope.  Today, I'd like to plant a seed of hope in this blog.  Dare to imagine success! 

"Change your mind, your behavior will surely follow..." Rainbow Skyhawk

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