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Sunday, June 5, 2011


A beautiful day to you!

This kind of dovetails with my "Universe Provides" theme.  I couldn't help, but write about it since I often struggle with just what to tell.  But, this you will find amusing as I did.
Sitting in my workshop and trying to get something accomplished today was quite a struggle.  When I finally got to where I could focus without distraction, I noticed that I missed playing music while I worked.  My stereo hasn't been hooked up since I moved in and I was wishing it was.
Anyhooo...just as I was looking around to see what I could do about my music dilemma, I heard outside my door..."testing...testing" from a microphone.
My neighbors had a party and a live band and I got tons of music.The very type of  music that I would have listened to. This happened without any effort on my part whatsoever other than a wish!  Who says there is no "magic"?

The universe is so unpredictable, but it always responds some way. This was a delight and I was like a child of wonder. I wondered what would have happened if I asked, "I wonder where the winning lottery ticket is...?"

The Stone of The Week
I decided to pick a different stone every week and describe it for its metaphysical and / or holistic practices.  Being metaphysical, lets just go where the road leads us. However, I'd like to start with the energy "chakras" or centers that reside inside of us at every moment...keeping our lil flesh and bone machines running!

The First Stone:

Rubies are rare and precious gems.  They rule the month of July and control the first chakra or energy center.  These energies spiral continually like lil springs that pump as they spiral.  This is also depicted as "giving off a vibe".  The ruby is by far one of the most coveted of stones.  Lets find out why:

Rubies are mined in and outside the US.  Matter of fact their key element is "earth".  Garnets were at one time also considered a ruby.  A rubies crystal system is considered hexagonal and has many varied forms.
Rubies have a vibrancy that is breathtaking.  They are very powerful for stimulation of the root chakra, first chakra or first energy center.   A good stone for passion and agility.  They empower the wearer with regards to self esteem and confidence.  They are great gemstones for anxiety and empowerment.  They can also be a catalyst for kundalini energy.

cited from: The Book of Stones
Authors:  Robert Simmons & Naisha Ahsian
Published by:  Heaven & Earth Publishing LLC
Copyright:  2005, 2007 by Robert Simmons

 Quote for the day -
Do not allow anger to poison you.Origin: Hopi
Ruby Tuesday Earrings

Many blessings to you -

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