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Friday, August 5, 2011

Call all Internet Resources!

This ring is currently unadvertised except here and available, please email for how to order.

Please help! I am trying to get together with my followers old and new to cross network resources for internet marketing and sales.  If you would be kind enough to post a resource from time to time that would be good karma for everybody and who doesn't want to *feel* good?

Many metaphysician principles are based on spirit working on the wave of our emotions to manifest what we bring forth.  It has been proven that we humans actually tend to feel good when we help one another.  When we experience wellness, we are healing!  When we are healing, we are sending out postive vibes throughout the universe co-creating positive energy in our own lives and the lives of those we touch.  You ever just do something nice, with no real expectation of reward and experience many blessings that you could only attribute to that "act of kindness"? If you perceive goodness, you will receive goodness, if you perceive plenty, you will receive plenty. 

Here is your chance to help one another to succeed and I am asking for contributors!  If you'd like to write a metaphysical or holistic article on this blog, that would be equally wonderful. 

Many blessings,


I do not belong to all the resources I show here, this is not to be confused with an endorsement, always investigate further before signing up for anything at your own risk.


AbsolutelyKismet said...

I love Pinterest - it takes two seconds to post a pic of someone's work I admire. :)


Rainbow Skyhawk said...

Dear AbsolutelyKismet-

Thank you so much for submitting this valuable resource! I will post this at the top of next blog. May good fortune smile upon you bringing in loads of successes!